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Kittylog — the most complete cat breed catologue on App Store

If you can't imagine your life without cats, interested to know more about the world's most popular feline varieties or would like to adopt one/another one kitty, then this application is exactly for you.
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What is special about Kittylog?

Kittylog is not just another "copy-paste from Wikipedia" application about cats. It is a result of painstaking prolonged work. The information was thoroughly analysed and gathered from lots of the most authoritative and reliable sources including those, which exist only in local language, like Indonesian (data about Raas breed) and Thai (data about Sam Sawet and Suphalak breeds).

Easy Search And Navigation

Kittylog is developed as an application with stylish, visually informative interface and clear, intuitive data search.

High Quality Breed Pictures

No pixelation or unclear images of cats. The photos showing each breed in one and only best way are gathered in Kittylog.

Proven Information Only

It is not uncommon for other apps to foolish the user by showing breeds as the wrong ones. With Kittylog you can be sure that the breed you see is the exact one.

Made By The Real Cat Lover

The main power of Kittylog is the creator's endless love to the felines. Who else will present any breed in the best possible way if not the person who is crazy about cats?!

Extensive information

Find out everything you need to know

In Kittylog you won't see any useless information about cat species. Only the most valuable and practical data is carefully gathered and structured into sections, so that you can easily find everything you need to know about cat's origin, physical parameters, temperament, health problems, need for grooming, personality features, famous owners and much more.
All the information is based on various documents of world's most prestigious Cat Breed Associations.


Cat breeds


Parameters for each


Useful information only

Comprehensive test

Identify the breed that suits your personality best

Owning a cat may seem an easy task, but you should treat the question seriously before buying or adopting one. Find out what breeds will fit into your lifestyle and become a beloved companion for you and your family. Kittylog built-in test will pleasantly assist you.

Sticky prankster or restrained noble

The cat, which will honorably allow you to touch her or the one limitlessly trying to feed you with her love. Every breed is different.

Talented narrator or grateful listener

The cat meeting you at the door to tell how her day has passed or the one patiently waiting for the story about happenings in your life.

Child/pet friend or martial soul

The cats are predators by their nature. They may look pretty, but behave agressively when feeling danger. Or may be extremely patient.

Combine all of the above and determine your own perfect mixture!

Breed ratings

Discover the most astonishing felines among all

Have you ever wondered what are the most intelligent cat breeds in the world? Which cats have the strongest health among all? What are the top 10 most loving cat breeds or the top 10 quietest cats in the world? All of these and many more ratings are available in Breed Groups section of the Kittylog app.

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